How to Choose a Resume Service?

Search for “resume writers” on any major search engine and you will receive more than 40 million returns. With so many options to choose from, how does a serious job seeker go about finding and hiring the right resume writer?

Before you put down your hard-earned money for resume services, consider what you are really looking for? Some resume writing mills out there seek to pump out as many resumes and cover letters as possible in the shortest period of time. With these outlets, you don’t really know who you are working with, what their qualifications are, or how long they have been writing resumes.  Though some sizable resume writing firms are legit, others hire college students or workers located overseas to churn out resumes as fast as they can.

Certification and Resume Writing Experience Matter Most
Since you want your resume to be written by a professional, it is a good idea to see if a Certified Professional Resume Writer will be working on your important job search document. Be sure to check the official site of the Professional Association of Resume Writers for legitimacy as some sites promise “certified” writers but lack the credentials.

Though certification is not absolutely necessary, consider hiring a pro who makes a career writing resumes. The certification, in part, shows the writer takes what they do seriously and likely earns their living creating job-winning resumes for clients. A college student who works on resumes on the side for some extra spending money may or may not be up to snuff for the job.

Decide How Much to Spend on Resume Writing Services

As with every purchase, cost matters so you should shop around to get an idea of what companies charge for resume services. We’ve seen prices as low as $20 for a resume to as high as $500 (really!). Yet spending more doesn’t always equate to a higher quality product. Both too-low and too-high price points should be viewed with skepticism as one points to a lack of experience and the other, well…too much ego perhaps.

Either way, experience level, certification, cost and results should each factor in to your selection of a resume writing service.