Do It Yourself or Hire a Resume Writer? A Closer Look at Your Choices

It is a question we get frequently as resume writers: Do I really need to hire a certified professional resume writer or is it okay if I just write my own resume? It’s a worthwhile question, and we understand why potential clients ask us this. After all, several years ago most people, aside from busy executives, probably wrote their own resumes themselves. Updating one’s own resume was sort of a rite of passage task similar to packing up your desk for a new job.

How Resume Writing Has Changed Over the Years

Fifteen years ago, searching for a job meant scanning the local newspaper’s help wanted section with a pen in hand. You’d probably submit your resume and cover letter via mail or fax and the receiver, an administrative assistant, would probably scan it and ready it word for word. Maybe a dozen or two people would apply for the same job, and, provided you met the qualifications, you had a good chance of landing an interview.

Things have changed a lot since those days, which is why resume writing services now are more of a necessity than a nicety. Today your resume is more likely to be scanned by a keyword software system rather than an actual a person. Lack the right formatting or keywords, your resume might be skipped despite your qualifications. Resume writers know how to incorporate the right keywords into your resume so it will tag as a match for what the employer is seeking.

When It Comes to Creating a Job-winning Resume, Why Take Chances

Moreover, many job openings today receive close to a hundred applicants meaning hiring managers have to take the time to sift through lots and lots of resumes. As such, they are looking for quick and easy ways to eliminate candidates, and an inferior resume serves this purpose well. Typos, spelling errors, hard-to-read sentences, and poor organization can get your resume tossed in no time.

Resume Writers Can Make Your Resume Pop

Even if your resume doesn’t have these obvious snafus, your resume writing must sing and sizzle rather than just state your work experience. Resume services for hire can help put together a resume that works as a marketing or sales piece capturing the reader’s attention, drawing them in and ultimately selling them on why you are the best candidate for the job.

So do you need professional resume writing services when applying for jobs? You might not need resume writing services in the same way you need water, food and shelter but hiring professionals who write resumes for a living will certainly give you a measurable advantage.