The Results-focused Resume: Sounds Good but What Does That Mean?

Getting hiring managers to pay attention to your resume is no easy feat. Depending on the job opening, they may sift through dozens of resumes to find those few that are worthy of interviewing.

Making your resume stand out – for the right reasons — is essential. One effective way of making your resume get noticed is to use results- or objective-focused language. Huh? Sounds buzzwordy but really it is pretty significant. Results oriented resume is a fairly simple and straightforward technique you can incorporate in your resume writing that will greatly improve your chances of getting callbacks from hiring managers.

Okay So What Is a Results-Oriented Resume?

A results oriented resume basically involves doing two things: paying close attention to what you accomplish at work outside of your normal job function and then documenting it. Huh? Let’s give an example:

Everyone is familiar with the standard accountant job description. No offense to accountants but they are not known for having the most exciting jobs. Moreover, you can pull a staff account job description from just about any company and they are more or less the same. So if you are a mid-level accountant, how do you make your resume stand out from all the other mid-level accountant resumes that are also applying for the same job?

By using cutesy fonts and photo of you smiling with your brand new Dachshund puppy? Not a good idea.


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Resume Advice for Results Focused Resumes

How you make your resume stand out is with results oriented resume writing. So instead of just this …

Process invoices, generate monthly reports, update the general ledger and reconcile accounts.

you need to add more to it. This gives you a place to start and indeed shows that you were responsible for accounting functions. But aside from that, this is the same as just about every other accounting resume out there. Here’s how to make this accountant resume results oriented:

Process invoices, generate monthly reports, update the general ledger and reconcile accounts.

  • Saved the company $X per quarter by implementing new Y process that increased efficiency by Z percent.
  • Found costly accounting / billing error that saved the company $Z while also ensured compliance with new Y standards.
  • Helped the company avoid a costly and time consuming audit by ___ .

Get Callbacks with Results-Focused Resumes

With resume writing that is results-oriented, you give hiring managers reasons on a silver platter as to why they should hire you; this is exactly what they want. Moreover, you are not making them guess whether you are an effective accountant or merely a mediocre one? More often than not, whenever you have to make a hiring manager guess about your qualifications or capabilities, the results will NOT be in your favor.

And don’t worry about bragging. The resume is not the place to be humble, save that for your next family dinner with the in-laws. Don’t assume “Oh, the hiring manager knows I’m a good accountant because I’ve been doing it for 20 years or because I work at such and such big name firm.” Assume nothing; spell out (almost) everything with accomplishment-focused writing. That’s good resume advice.

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